Why our Neat variable home loan

What's a Neat variable home loan?

Our Neat variable home loans are perfect if you’re looking for a loan with no frills and no fuss. Whether you’re buying a home or investing, you’ll get low variable rates and no annual fee, as well as unlimited additional payments that you can redraw whenever you like.

What’s in it for you

  • No annual fee

    That’s right, none!

  • Redraw freely

    It’s free to redraw additional payments when you need them

  • Neat split imagery
    Pay off your loan faster

    Make as many additional payments as you like free of charge

  • Digital application icon
    Apply from home

    Skip the never-ending paperwork with our simple digital application

Interest rates

Our Neat variable home loan rates

The lower your LVR, the lower your rate.

VariablePrincipal and interest (P&I)

Neat Owner occupier variable P&I home loan rates
Loan to value ratio (LVR)Interest rate p.a.Comparison rate p.a.1
Up to 60%
Up to 70%
Up to 80%
Up to 85%
Neat standard variable rate
Standard base rate referenced in our loan contracts


Here's what you'll pay

These are the fees you’ll pay with our Neat variable home loan. Depending on how you use your loan, you may have to pay other fees and charges.

Neat home loan fees
Loan advance fee
To prepare your loan documents and arrange settlement of the loan.
Valuation fee
We’ll cover the first valuation up to $360.
up to $360
Annual fee
To manage accounts and any changes across your Neat home loan.
Discharge fee
To discharge your property at your request.
$300 per property

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Compare our home loans

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Home loan comparison table
Neat variable
Take it back to basics with no annual fee and low variable rates
Flex variable
Pay off your loan faster with 100% interest offset on your linked ubank accounts
Flex fixed
Lock in your rate for up to 5 years and budget with confidence
Take back any additional payments at no extra cost
up to $20K during fixed term
Additional payments
Pay back more than your minimum repayments for free
up to $20K during fixed term
Split option
You can split your loan with a fixed rate and a variable rate
Offset account(s)
Reduce the amount of interest you pay each month with multiple offset accounts
Annual fee
To manage accounts and any changes across your Neat home loan and up to 5 Flex split loans
$250 p.a.
$250 p.a.

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