A better way to see your money

Get savvy with paying bills

The Bills account is a separate place alongside your Spend and Save accounts. You can set aside money for bills and then clearly see what you can confidently spend or save, making every day a little win for the future.

With the magic of the Bill Planner helping you to sort out what’s coming up and how much to set aside, paying your bills has never felt so chill.

Why our Bills account

What's in it for you

  • No fees icon
    Forget fees

    No monthly fees on your Bills account

  • Pay bills instantly

    You’ll get a digital Visa Debit card for paying bills to save in your wallet

  • A separate account

    Can also be used as an offset account for a ubank home loan

  • Plan for your bills

    With the help of the Bill Planner to track and add up your bills

No rates or fees

Zero fees

Zero fees
Set up and monthly fees
Payments using the ubank app
Using your card in Australia

Digital card and online payments

Using your card overseas or online

Digital card and online payments

Direct debit dishonours

The full Bill paying experience

Make bills more chill

Get on top of your bills to get better visibility of your money.

Bill Planner

Self-care for your money with our Bill Planner

  • Start tracking bills to add up what you’ve committed to paying each month or pay cycle.

  • Organise what’s coming up and plan your money. Keep cash for the fun stuff once all the bills are paid.

  • Set up your pay cycle to plan your money around when you get paid. With our reminders you can make the pay day feeling last!

Use your separate digital Bills Visa Debit card for regular expenses

Easily tell your Spend Visa Debit card from your Bills card. Save to your digital wallet for handy use.

  • Use your digital Bills Visa Debit card to set up regular payments for bills, like your phone or streaming service.

  • Securely access your full card details in the app at any time.

  • With the card details saved in your wallet you can pay one off bills through your mobile device.

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Join us

How to get started with ubank

You can start using your Spend, Bills, and Save accounts in minutes.

To join us, you’ll need to be over 16 years old and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


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