Why our Shared account

What's in it for you

  • Coin jar
    No more split bills

    Forget transferring between banks to pay each other back

  • App icon
    Keep track together

    Get a clear view in the app of who spent on what

  • Shared cards
    Matching cards

    Know which account you’re using with new purple cards

  • Stop watch icon
    Seconds to set up

    It’s as easy as sending an invite to your partner-in-finance

Purple and Aqua Cards

With 2 cards, you'll never lose track of what's what

Our Shared accounts come with a sleek new purple Visa Debit card. With a purple card for your Shared Spend account and an aqua card for your individual Spend account, you can easily tell which account you’re spending from.

When you open your Shared bank account, you still have your own Spend and Save accounts to use how you like!

That way, you can keep your own accounts for your personal daily expenses, a sneaky birthday present or those little indulgences that only you need to know about.

App experience

Explore how we're different

We’re not like the other banks. We’ll help you hit your shared targets, track upcoming expenses and give you the visibility you need.

Savings graph

Watch your savings grow together

Hit your shared savings goals sooner with bonus interest up to 5.50% p.a. on your shared accounts . To get it, all you need to do is have a Spend account and deposit at least $500 per month into any of your Spend, Bills, or Save accounts (not including internal transfers).

You can get bonus interest on up to 10 Save accounts on combined savings up to $250K per customer (including Shared accounts).

We calculate interest on your Save balance daily and pay it monthly. Don’t miss out on meeting the criteria to earn bonus interest, otherwise interest won’t be payable.

Keep on top of shared expenses

Don’t let the little things add up – get a view of what you’re paying for in the one place and take the work out of staying on top of your expenses.

Our app has built in features that help you keep track of exactly what’s going in and coming out of your accounts at a glance.

You can track regular bills, expenses, and subscriptions in the Bill Planner, so you’ll have visibility over what’s coming up.

Pay from shared

No more endless transfers

Tired of constantly paying each other back? With a Shared Spend account, you can have one account for all your day to day spending.

But don’t lose track of who got what. With each transaction, we can show you which card was used.

Start using your shared account straight away

Start using your Shared account straight away

Starting your Shared account takes seconds. It’s as easy as sending an invite link to your partner-in-finance from your app.

Once it’s set up, you can use it straight away by transferring into your shared account via Osko and PayID.

You can even start spending instantly from your shared account by setting up Apple Pay or Google PayTM, no need to wait for the plastic to arrive.

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Fitbit Pay
Garmin Pay
Pay Id
Visa Debit
Pay To

Join us

How to open a Shared account

Get a Shared account in seconds once you have your individual accounts.

new to ubank

Join ubank and open a Shared account in 4 steps

  • Both of you will need to download the ubank app.

  • Verify your details to open your own individual Spend and Save accounts.

  • Open a Shared account in the app and invite your partner-in-finance.

  • Once they accept the invite, you can start enjoying your Shared account.

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To join us, you’ll need to be over 16 years old and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


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