Why a ubank account

What's in it for you

  • No fees icon
    Forget fees

    No monthly fees or international card payment charges

  • Interest rate icon
    Great interest rates

    Earn interest up to 5.10% p.a. on up to 10 Save accounts

  • Coin jar
    No more split bills

    Shared accounts mean no more split bills or transfers

  • Bank your way

    Use our award-winning app or brand new online banking

Our accounts

What makes our accounts different?

Get a Spend and Save account in just minutes and a Shared account in a couple of seconds.

Digital card phone screen

Spend account

Spending you can feel good about

  • Say goodbye to monthly account fees with our Spend account, as well as international card payment charges.

  • Spend before your physical card even arrives by setting up Apple Pay or Google PayTM.

  • Transfer in and out of your Spend account almost instantly via PayID and Osko (if the other bank has it).

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Fitbit Pay
Garmin Pay
Pay Id
Visa Debit
Pay To
Save account

Save account

Become a more successful saver

  • Earn interest up to 5.10% p.a. on up to 10 Save accounts. You’ll just need a Spend account and to deposit $200+ per month into any of your ubank accounts (not including internal transfers) and you’ll get bonus interest on up to $250K.

  • Smash your goals with our Savings Targets. You can have one for each of your Save accounts.

  • No need to transfer funds to your Spend account to cover your bills, just pay straight from your Save accounts.

Purple and Aqua Cards

Shared account

Mine. Yours. Ours.

  • Get a purple card for your shared Spend account and an aqua card for your individual Spend account, so you’ll know exactly where you’re spending from.

  • You and your partner-in-finance can stop mucking around with pesky split bills and transfers.

Ways of banking

Choose how you bank

Our award-winning app

Our award-winning app

Our app is packed with handy features to help you sort out your finances.

  • Connect your accounts from over 140 financial institutions and get a panoramic view of your finances.

  • Keep on top of what goes in and out of your account with our In & Out feature. Set a time period that lines up with your pay day.

  • Spending Footprint automatically sorts your transactions to give you insights into your spending.

  • Take the guesswork out of spending with automatic predictions of your regular payments, bills and subscriptions from over 200 companies.

Our brand new online banking

We’ve just launched our brand new online banking for those of you who like to see it all on the big screen.

  • Make almost instant payments and transfers from your Spend and Save accounts via PayID and Osko (if the other bank has it).

  • See your connected accounts and automatic bill predictions just like you do in our app.

  • Have your spreadsheet open on one tab and your online banking on another for budgeting made easy.