Why our app

See your money more clearly

We’re constantly working on new features that give you better visibility and help you with financial wins for tomorrow.

It all starts with your payday!

Manage your budget around your pay cycle. With your payday and how often you get paid set up in the app, you’ll always know how much time you have left until your next pay.

Align your other app features with your pay cycle so you can keep an eye on your spending, bills, and expenses between pays.

Connect your other accounts

Securely connect your other accounts from over 140 financial institutions. See available funds, savings, and add upcoming bills from your connected accounts to track in the one place.

You can also add superannuation and investments accounts to get the whole picture of how your money is moving. Our smart search works across other bank accounts to find transactions.

Plan for your bills with Bill Planner

Start tracking bills to plan your money around what’s coming up. Add your regulars like rent, utilities, and subscriptions to see what’s due each month or pay cycle.

Our Bill Planner will easily show what you’re committed to. It’s like a little self-care for your money that will help you know how much to put aside in your Bills account.

Track your Spending Footprint

Retrace your spending steps. Spending Footprint sorts your spending into simple categories. This makes being able to see what you really spent on eating out or shopping last month easy.

Align the Footprint view with your pay cycle frequency to keep track of your spend in between paydays.

Get ahead with In & Out

Do you know if you are spending more than you earning? In & Out is an easy-to-read graph of the money coming in and going out of your ubank accounts that helps you stay one step ahead of your spending.

Align the view with your pay cycle frequency to get ahead pay to pay.

Hit your goals with Savings Targets

Crush your financial goals faster with savings targets on any of your up to 10 savings accounts. You can also set up automatic transfers to set, forget, and save like a machine.

With all of your ubank app features working together, it becomes easier to be a better saver with little wins for tomorrow every day.

App features

Other handy features

Now we’ve covered the big life-changing features, here are some other cool things our app can do.

  • Rate lock
    Lock your card

    Lock your Visa Debit card instantly through the app if it’s lost

  • visibility of your money
    Look it up with Smart Search

    Filter transactions across your ubank and connected accounts

  • spend save cards
    Get your card deets anytime

    See your card details in the app at any time

  • Notifications
    Travel notifications

    Going overseas? Let us know easily in the app 24 hours before your trip

Join us

How to get started with ubank

You can start using your Spend, Bills, and Save accounts in minutes.

To join us, you’ll need to be over 16 years old and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Other ways to bank

Access your account from any device

If you don’t have the app on you, you can still access your accounts. You can use your mobile, laptop, tablet or watch in Australia and overseas.


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