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    Earn up to

    USaver + Ultra

    1.85% p.a.

    Variable interest rate

How to get 1.85% p.a. variable rate on your USaver savings account

*How to qualify for the 1.85% p.a. bonus rate


Open a USaver savings account and link an Ultra transaction account.


Deposit at least $200 per month

Deposit at least $200 during the month into your Ultra transaction account or its linked USaver savings account from a non-UBank account (for example your salary).


Keep your account balance at $200,000 or less

Maintain a total balance of not more than $200,000 including USaver and Ultra, inclusive of all joint accounts.

Please note:

  • The bonus variable interest of 1.06% p.a. will be applied to balances held in your USaver savings account (and not your Ultra transaction account).

  • If you meet the bonus rate criteria this month, you’ll earn bonus variable interest on your USaver savings account from the 1st of the following calendar month.

  • You’ll have to keep meeting the criteria each month to remain eligible for bonus variable interest the following calendar month.
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*The Commonwealth Government guarantee applies on deposit balances up to $250,000 per person per authorised-deposit taking institution.

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No ATM withdrawal fees at over 10,000 NAB, ANZ, CBA and Westpac Group ATMs


Taking out cash at foreign ATMs

Note: ATM operators may charge you a fee when using their ATM. Plus, physical and online stores may charge you a fee for paying with VISA Debit card (rather than cash).

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We’re an online bank and, since we have no branches, we have fewer costs than traditional banks. We pass these savings straight to you by offering great rates backed up with real, Australian based support.

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