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  • Maximise your savings with minimum effort

    • No UBank fees on international purchases
    • No monthly fees
    • Award-winning savings account
    • Get more interest on your USave account when you link it to a USpend account and meet our bonus eligibility criteria.
    Earn up to

    USave + USpend

    1.25% p.a.

    Variable interest rate on your USave

    If you have a Commonwealth Seniors Health, Health Care, or a Pensioner Concession card, click here

How to get 1.25% p.a. variable rate on your USave savings account

We don’t charge ATM withdrawal fees and foreign exchange fees when you access your USpend transaction account overseas, or for online purchases with overseas merchants.

But you should always check to see if ATM operators or merchants charge their own fees.

*How to qualify for the 1.25% p.a. bonus variable rate on your USave


Open a USave savings account and link a USpend transaction account.


Deposit at least $200 per month

Deposit at least $200 each month into your USpend or linked USave from a non-UBank account (for example your salary).


Keep your total account balances at $250,000 or less

Maintain a total balance of not more than $250,000 across your USave and USpend accounts, inclusive of all joint accounts.

Please note:

  • The bonus variable interest of 1.00% p.a. will be applied to eligible balances held in each of your USave savings accounts (and not your USpend transaction account).

  • If you meet the bonus rate criteria this current month, you’ll start earning the bonus variable interest on your USave savings accounts from the 1st of the following calendar month.

  • You’ll have to keep meeting the criteria each month to remain eligible for bonus variable interest the following calendar month.

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