What are Savings Targets?

Savings Targets is one of our many features helping you get where you want to go sooner. We know it’s tough to stick to a target – you’re more likely to stay motivated and on track when you can see your progress.

You can open up to 10 Save accounts and set targets on any of them so you don’t lose track of your bigger goals while ticking off something more immediate. You and your partner-in-finance can even save together by setting up a shared goal in your shared Save account.

How to set up a Savings Target

How to set up a Savings Target

You can set up a Savings Target for each of your Save accounts by heading to “Accounts”, clicking on your Save accounts and tapping “Set savings target”.

Set how much you want to save and by when, and we’ll let you know how much to regularly contribute to reach your target right on time.

To check you’re still on track, head back to your Save account to see how far you’ve got to go before you hit your Savings Target. And if things change, you can update your target amount and end date at any time.

To keep on top of what’s what, feel free to rename your Save accounts to match what you’re saving for.