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7 things you could claim at tax time


Wondering if you can claim a laptop, mobile phone or even internet bills in a tax return? With the financial year done and dusted, it’s a good time to start thinking about what you’re going to claim back. Between skimming bank statements and figuring out what’s actually claimable, this time of year can feel like you’re repeatedly going back and forth between bank accounts. To make it easier, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when sorting out your deductions.

1. Your working from home setup

Are you back in the office a few days a week? Or still working completely from home? Whatever the situation, you could claim some costs and home office expenses as a tax deduction. While tea and coffee might not make the cut, you might be entitled to claim:

  • phone and internet bills
  • utility expenses like electricity
  • home office equipment like desks and chairs.

If you need to claim back working from home expenses, check out the ATO working from home info page.

2. Work-related clothing

If you covered the cost of a compulsory uniform, like protective clothing or work boots, you might be able to claim those too. Bills for dry cleaning your work uniform could also be tax deductible. And if you’ve ever needed to repair your uniform, that’s another expense you can think about claiming.

3. Travel

If you’re often whizzing around for work, there might be some work-related travel expenses you can claim. While the daily commute doesn’t count as one, travel expenses that you could claim might include:

  • if you travel between workplaces
  • if you covered the cost of accommodation and meals on a work trip.

4. Tools, bags and protective gear

Another cost you might be able to deduct is work equipment. It could be anything from calculators to hammers – maybe even a work bag! Plus, if you’re sliding on sunnies or slapping on sunscreen to work outdoors, you could claim those too.

5. Donations

If you’re the charitable type and donated money in the last financial year, you should consider adding it to the list. Just double check the charity is registered to receive tax deductible gifts, when you can make a claim and what records you need.

6. Education

Have you signed up for a course, or bought study books in the past year? You guessed it – they could be tax deductions too. But not every course is claimable. It needs to be work-related, so that ceramics class is probably off the cards.

7. Extra deductions

There’s a few more expenses you could add to the list, like teaming up with an accountant to lodge a return.

From travel to tools, there’s a whole bunch of things you can claim on tax. Now that we’ve run you through some of the types of expenses that could be tax deductible, doing your return will hopefully be a bit easier.

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