UBank, Australia’s leading digital bank1, has today unveiled an easy-to-use online home loan application tracker.

The process of choosing and applying for a home loan can be complex and confusing. And once an application is in progress, the frustration can intensify when trying to get a status update from different customer service agents who all say different things. 

That’s why UBank has introduced its UHomeLoan Tracker that allows customers to follow the realtime progress of their application and removes the need for customers to always call for a status update. Along with a competitive interest rate of 2.34%p.a., UBank offers just the home loan you need with no added extras.

UBank has worked with The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, to create a campaign to launch the tracker. Entitled “Dollhouse”, the TV ad shows a family-friendly dinner go rogue when one couple’s daughter re-enacts the inconvenient truth and emotional discomfort many people experience when trying to track the progress of their home loan application.

Click play in the video player above to watch UBank’s new TV ad.


UBank was awarded Best Online Bank 2017 in November 2017 by Mozo.

Owner Occupier (Principal & Interest) loans for new customers of more than $200,000 is currently 2.34% p.a. See UBank home loans for complete details.