How confident are you when it comes to managing your personal finances? Each month, there’s a lot of numbers competing for your attention. Between bills, rent, food, health, entertainment and that all-important savings goal, planning a budget (and sticking to it) can be overwhelming.

Your finances, made clear

Introducing Free2Spend, our in-app tool that’s here to simplify money matters by giving you a daily spend number that adjusts in real-time, based on your savings goal and spending habits. Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of fitness trackers, Free2Spend is here to streamline your finances, one day at a time.

Just like fitness trackers have kept people moving to the goal of 10,000 steps a day, Free2Spend does the same with your finances by consolidating your spending and savings goal into one number that changes with you and your life.

Lee Hatton, CEO of UBank 


How does Free2Spend work? First, you need to input your savings goals. Whether you’re saving for a wedding, investment property or even just saving in general, this is the first number you’ll key into the app. Then comes your income, alongside your bills. You can choose to do this monthly, weekly or fortnightly, depending on your pay and bill cycles. Our tool uses all 3 sets of figures to calculate your daily Free2Spend number.

What makes Free2Spend different?

In an Aussie first, Free2Spend is the only in-app tool that’s future focused, and works in real time to provide a daily spending number, based on your savings goal.

Whether you overspend or underspend, the app will automatically adjust your daily Free2Spend for the rest of the month to help you meet your financial goals.

Meet your one number

You’ve input your savings goal, income and bills and your daily Free2Spend number has come out at $68. You buy your morning coffee ($4) and your Free2Spend number goes down to $64. If you don’t make additional purchases for the rest of the day, that $64 will be evenly distributed as extra spend across the remaining days of the cycle.

On the flipside, there’s larger purchases to consider as well, i.e. Mum’s birthday! You spend $100 on presents (she’s worth it), which means you’ve exceeded your Free2Spend number by $32. Not to worry, the app will automatically redistribute the $32 overage to slightly reduce your daily spend for the rest of the days in the cycle and keep you on track towards your savings goal.

When developing Free2Spend, we noticed that budgeting tools commonly bring to light negative behavior, like over-spending or spending in certain categories, without providing easy tactics to help you readjust and recover”.

At UBank, we’re less interested in what you spend your money on and more focused on wanting to help Australians achieve their financial goals and live a happier life.

Lee Hatton, CEO of UBank

You talked, we listened

We recently found Australians are increasingly overwhelmed by personal finance, so much so that it causes stress, anxiety and even loss of sleep.

Free2Spend is the latest innovation from our team to help you simplify personal finance, take control and use the One Number approach to help you reach your financial goals.

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Free2Spend is available on iOS (10+) and can be downloaded from the App Store today via the UBank app.

“Australians also struggle to remember other key financial numbers in their lives. When it comes to credit card debt, only 1 in 5 cardholders (22%) accurately know their debt and 5% couldn’t say how much they owe.

Lee Hatton, CEO of UBank


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