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  • Maximise your savings with a USaver Ultra transaction account

    Earn up to 2.41% p.a.[01]
    Variable rate includes 1.06% p.a. bonus
    On your USaver savings account when you 
    link it to a USaver Ultra transaction account
    and meet the bonus criteria.

    No monthly fees
    No international fees
    Bonus variable rate



Why add a USaver Ultra transaction account to your USaver savings account?

No overseas fees

24/7 access with your UBank Visa Debit card

We don’t charge ATM withdrawal and foreign exchange fees when you access your Ultra transaction account overseas, or for online purchases with overseas merchants.


No monthly fees

$0 monthly fees with USaver Ultra

We don’t charge you monthly account keeping fees like some other banks.


Bonus rate

USaver Ultra bonus rate

Eligible savings account customers can add a transaction account to earn an extra 1.06% p.a. bonus interest on their savings account. Bonus rate criteria [02].


Sweep technology

USaver Ultra sweep technology

Brand new Sweep Technology helps you earn maximum interest on your savings and have convenient access to your spending money 24/7.


Built-in sweep technology

Sweep technology helps ensure you have the money you need on hand 24/7 in your transaction account, while the rest works hard in your savings account earning interest.

How? The Sweep automatically moves money between your linked transaction and savings accounts each night, based on the limits you set, without you having to lift a finger.

Then if, for some reason, you need to spend a bit more, depending on the type of transaction, Sweep will also automatically move money from your savings in real time, so you won’t be declined or overdrawn.

Sweep info


If your transaction account exceeds the maximum limit, we'll automatically sweep that extra money into your savings account so it can earn interest.


If your transaction account dips below the minimum limit, and assuming there’s enough money in your linked savings account, we’ll automatically sweep some money from your savings account to top up your transaction account, ready for the day ahead.



What are the USaver Ultra fees & charges?

Here’s the breakdown.



Monthly account fee


Overdrawn fee


ATM withdrawal fee (Australia)

$0 at any NAB operated ATM.

Other operators may charge a fee to use their ATM.

ATM withdrawal fee (Overseas)


A fee may be charged by the operator of the ATM.

Foreign exchange fee


This includes no foreign exchange fee for online purchases with overseas merchants.

Merchants may charge their own fees when you pay for goods and services using your UBank Visa Debit card.



Find out how your money can grow


How to open

Add a transaction account to your savings account.

Opening a USaver Ultra transaction account is easy.

Simply make sure you have an active UBank USaver savings account with a balance of at least $1.

If you don’t already have a USaver savings account, you can open one here. Then follow the steps below to get started with USaver Ultra.

Log in to UBank’s Online Banking from your computer.

  • Go to the ‘Managing’ tab
  • Click ‘New Account’
  • Click on the ‘USaver Ultra’ button
  • Get ready for a whole new way to manage your money!
Mozo Experts Choice 2019

Mozo Experts Choice

Savings Bank of the Year (2018 & 2019)
Exceptional Everyday Account

Canstar Awards 2019

Canstar Bank of The Year

Savings - 4 years running (2015 - 2018)
Outstanding Value: Travel Debit Cards

Things you should know

[01] Interest earned on nominated Savings account only. Rate includes 1.06% p.a. bonus rate. Conditions apply.

[02] To get the bonus rate, you must deposit at least $200 a month into your USaver Ultra transaction or USaver savings account from a non-UBank account (for example, your salary). Also, the total balance across all your USaver and USaver Ultra accounts, including joint accounts but not SMSF accounts, must not exceed $200,000.

Provided you meet the criteria in the current month, you’ll start earning the bonus interest on your linked USaver savings account from the 1st of the following month.