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  • USpend transaction account

    •  No international fees charged by UBank
    •  No monthly fees
    •  Award-winning everyday account

    Combine a USave savings account with a USpend transaction account and eligible customers could earn up to 1.05% p.a. variable interest on your USave. Bonus interest criteria below.

    If you have a Commonwealth Seniors Health, Health Care, or a Pensioner Concession card, click here


The USpend transaction account works hand in hand with the USave savings account. More savings and smarter spending.

See ‘Things you should know’ below^

No overseas fees

UBank Visa Debit card

We don’t charge ATM withdrawal and foreign exchange fees when you access your USpend transaction account overseas, or for online purchases with overseas merchants.


No monthly fees

$0 monthly fees with USpend

We don’t charge you monthly account keeping fees like some other banks.


Bonus rate

USave + USpend bonus interest rate

Earn an extra 1.00% p.a. bonus interest on eligible balances in your USave savings accounts.

View bonus rate criteria


Sweep technology

USpend account and sweep technology

Sweep Technology helps you earn maximum interest on your savings and have convenient access to your spending money 24/7.

How to earn up to 1.05% p.a. variable rate on your USave when you combine it with a USpend account


Open a USave savings account and link a USpend transaction account.


Deposit at least $200 per month

Deposit at least $200 each month into your USpend or its linked USave from a non-UBank account (for example your salary).


Bonus variable interest rate applied to a combined USave balance of up to $250,000

The bonus variable interest rate will be applied to a combined balance of up to $250,000 held in your USave savings accounts, including joint accounts. Any remaining balance greater than $250,000 will earn the USave base variable rate.

Please note:

  • The bonus variable interest rate of 1.00% will be applied to eligible balances held in each of your USave savings accounts (and not your USpend transaction account).

  • If you meet the bonus interest criteria in the current calendar month, you’ll earn bonus variable interest on eligible amounts in your USave accounts for that month. The interest will be paid in two credits into your accounts: 1. The first is interest calculated using the base variable rate 2. The second is interest calculated using the bonus variable rate

  • You’ll have to keep meeting the criteria each month to remain eligible for bonus variable interest in that month.
Unlock our bonus interest rate

How to open an account

It's never been easier to open a UBank account. Download the App today and apply in minutes from your phone.

If you're looking for a joint account, apply here.

Sweep Technology makes saving a breeze

Sweeps is a smart transfer that gives you convenient access to your spending money, while helping you earn maximum interest on your savings.

Pay the way you want to

Enjoy all the benefits of your UBank Visa Debit card with...

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Pay the way you want to

No UBank fees in Oz, or abroad

What are the USpend transaction account fees & charges?

Here’s the breakdown.



Monthly account fee


Overdrawn fee


ATM withdrawal fee (Australia)

$0 at any NAB operated ATM.

No ATM withdrawal fees at over 10,000 NAB, ANZ, CBA and Westpac Group ATMs

Other ATM operators may charge a fee to use their ATM.

ATM withdrawal fee (Overseas)


A fee may be charged by the operator of the ATM.

Foreign exchange fee


This includes no foreign exchange fee for online purchases with overseas merchants.

Merchants may charge their own fees when you pay for goods and services using your UBank Visa Debit card.

See how your money can grow


Your Real-Time Budgeting & Saving Tool

Keep your savings goal on track by knowing exactly how much you have to spend each day. Now available in the banking app for new and existing customers.*

*iOS 10+ only | Android coming soon

UBank Free2Spend - Real-Time Budgeting & Saving Tool