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Get your finances in shape

When the festive season is over and the reality of a new year sets in, don’t limit your resolutions to a new fitness routine. Your finances could probably benefit from a workout, too.

At UBank, we want to help you take active accountability and responsibility with your money (just like you would your health) to ultimately achieve financial fitness and to feel empowered.

We know everyone exercises differently to achieve health and wellness goals, which is why we offer a range of options to get you financially fit.

Track it

If you love your fitness tracker then you’ll love Free2Spend. Much like a tracker, Free2Spend was designed to motivate you and help you achieve your savings goals, while also giving you a daily spending number to play with.

Simply input your savings goal, along with your income, bills and fixed expenses. From there, it will do the math for you and give you one daily number to spend on whatever you like and still hit your goals.

Your Free2Spend number resets overnight, and if you’ve gone a little bit too over on any given day, your daily number will be recalculated and balanced out accordingly for the rest of your pay cycle.

Divide and conquer

Monday: weights. Tuesday: circuit. Wednesday: swim. Dividing your weekly workout routine into certain exercises on certain days can help you focus and keep on track, and you can do the same with your savings goals.

USave gives you the option to have multiple savings accounts running at the same time. There’s no monthly fees, no minimum deposits required and a 0.10% p.a. interest rate. Winning!

Whether you have one account or several, you need to find the financial solution that will empower you to reach your goal. So, if labelling a couple of different savings account with ‘holiday’ or ‘house deposit’ and watching them both grow works for you, then you could be achieving your personal savings best in no time.

Fitness buddies

Working out isn’t only more fun with a friend, it’s more motivating. The same principal applies when it comes to your financial fitness. Meet UBank’s power duo: USave and USpend.

Signing up for both could help you reach your savings goal sooner by bumping your interest rate from 0.10% p.a. up to 1.10% p.a.

We want to make your journey to financial fitness as easy as possible. Rather than having a savings account with one bank and a transaction account with another, with us, you can have both. With that extra support (and high interest rate) from your USave and USpend accounts, you could be saving money and taking charge of your finances like a pro.

Whether you prefer to go hard or take your time, improving your financial fitness could help you take control of your money and your life. Because when your finances are in good shape, you have more time for you and doing the things that matter most.

The information contained in this article is of a general nature only. It doesn’t take account of any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information, you should consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances and seek independent legal, financial, and taxation advice.