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Bathroom renovations on a budget


Bathroom renovations on a budget

The bathroom is where most of us start and end the day, so if yours doesn’t spark joy, it might be time for a reno. Whether it’s a full remodel or a quick refresh, here’s some tips to keep it budget-friendly.

You might be wondering - how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Australia? The average cost is around $19,500 which might sound like a chunk of change, but it could add over $100K in value. Not bad, hey?

Here’s five ways to breathe new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Keep the same layout

Moving existing plumbing points, resizing or gutting the bathroom might blow a hole in your budget. An easier (and more cost-friendly) way to update your space is by doing a retrofit, which means replacing what’s already there instead of starting from scratch.

2. DIY (where you can)

Labour could be exxy, so doing jobs yourself might help lower costs. Giving the grout a deep clean or the walls a fresh lick of paint could make the room look brand new. If you prefer power tools over paintbrushes, have a go at installing cabinets and handles. But when it comes to electricals and plumbing, leave that to the experts.

Pro-tip: If you’re a fan of DIY projects, jump online and watch some how-to videos before getting started.

3. Be a savvy shopper

From fancy toilets to colourful tiles, there’s lots of things you could splurge on. To keep costs down, try limiting the amount of materials you need. Instead of retiling the whole room, pick two or three areas to focus on like the shower, vanity or bath. Also, check if your tradies can get a discount on bathroom supplies before ordering.

4. Cheap can be expensive

Fixtures could be another chunky cost, but choosing quality products that stand the test of time might be better in the long-run. Look for products that come with a warranty so if they break, there’s a chance you’re covered.

5. Redo the focal points

If a full reno isn’t on the cards, try updating the main features. Simple swaps like replacing your shower curtain with glass can make the space feel fresh and revived. Adding a bigger mirror might help brighten the room and upgrading light fixtures will top off your mini makeover.

Pro tip: Renos can be full-on, especially when you’ve got construction hammering away and a budget to stick to. Try setting up multiple
USave savings accounts and giving them names like ‘Tradies’, ‘Plumbing’ and ‘Tiles’ to help manage your costs.

Whether it’s a revamp or a redo, bathroom renovations can be super exciting. Now you know a bit more about how to save during a reno, it’s time to start working on the colour scheme and choosing materials.


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