Media release

Ubank ignites student savvy with ‘make your time count’ campaign


Ubank, Australia’s multi award-winning digital bank, unveils its latest campaign created for students, fittingly titled ‘Make Your Time Count.’ The campaign speaks to students who are balancing their busy schedules together with the complexities of their changing financial needs and responsibilities, and highlights how ubank’s latest app features and functionality can help them stay on top of their finances and build momentum with their money.

The latest campaign aligns to ubank’s upcoming O-Week activations at student campus, including the University of Sydney (USYD) and Melbourne’s Monash university throughout February.

Conceptualised by ubank’s in-house creative studio and growth team, this 360-degree campaign spans a variety of platforms, ensuring a comprehensive yet highly targeted, student-focused reach:

  • Audio Engagement: Ubank’s presence extends to Spotify with strategically placed ads, creating an auditory connection with students immersed in their daily routines.
  • Visual Impact: Hero campaign videos via production partner Entropico and director Gabriel Gasparinatos, utilising paid YouTube placements, plus out-of-home, including rail, street, study locations, posters, and bar coaster to capture the attention of students both on and off-campus.
  • Digital Display: Utilising The Trade Desk, the campaign strategically permeates digital spaces, making a lasting impression through display ads.
  • Social Media Splash: Facebook ads and organic TikTok videos resonate with the student audience, blending seamlessly into their online experiences.
  • Targeted Marketing: Partnering with Student Edge, the campaign ensures precision in reaching the student demographic, aligning with their interests and needs.

Ubank Creative Director, Callam Hanks, said: “We wanted to create something that felt authentic. That idea carried through from concept, to casting, to the mixed-media production approach. Moving out of home and studying often feels like the busiest (and quite honestly, brokest) time of your life. That feeling was at the heart of the ‘Make Your Time Count’ creative platform,” he said.

The campaign comes as the digital bank progressively rolls-out a number of new app features and functionality to give customers better control of their day-to-day finances including it’s latest bills management feature, Pay Cycle.

Ubank Chief Product and Growth Officer, Andrew Morrison, said: “Make Your Time Count focuses on the reality of the student experience, and how the ubank app empowers this age demographic to make the most of their time through the powerful money system features.

“Our integrated campaign approach creates a targeted web of hyper-relevant touchpoints to create the impression of scale amongst the student cohort – from streaming, audio and social media, to bars, pubs, uni-centric transit and on-campus screens we leant into media placements and formats that tap into the student experience as deeply as the creative messaging,” he said.