ubank levels up with ‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ campaign


Ubank, Australia’s first digital bank, unveils new, integrated ‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ campaign.

In a world where authenticity reigns supreme, ubank takes a refreshingly candid approach, playfully showcasing its subpar gaming skills while championing its expertise in helping Australians save smarter. “The ‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ campaign embodies what ubank is – we’re unapologetically authentic, refreshingly individual, and laser-focused on helping Aussies get ahead with their money,” says Sebastian Paulin, Head of Growth at ubank.

The campaign deploys a suite of social and in-game creative assets, where ubank owns its ‘noob’ status presented with a knowing nod to gaming culture. Picture ubank venturing into virtual battlegrounds, using an Xbox controller upside-down, complete with outdated references and a language barrier that could rival the Tower of Babel. It’s as if ubank raided the pop-culture archives and embarked on a nostalgia-laden journey.

Ubank’s ‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ campaign isn’t confined to the digital realm – the 360-degree campaign comes to market via a myriad of platforms:

  • In-Game Engagement: ubank seamlessly integrates its gaming presence through reward video, in-game billboards, and a playable mini-game with a focus on mobile gaming.
  • Screen Penetration: ubank’s 30”, 2×15”, and 4×6” videos infiltrate Twitch, YouTube, and Meta, extending the reach of the message in hyper-targeted contextual environments.
  • Eventing: the campaign culminates in ubank presenting a physical event activation at upcoming PAX, bringing the ‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ concept to life.
  • Multi-Platform Paid and Organic Social: ubank’s strategy spans Reddit, Meta, and TikTok, with made-for-platform cut downs, lo-fi BTS, captivating visuals, carousels, and TikTok creators that extend the original campaign creative into the world of social.
  • Personalised Retargeting: ubank closes the loop on the consumer experience with retargeting via The Trade Desk across publications, driving to custom experimentation-driven landing pages with a unique offer code.

“To effectively activate across so many placements and formats we employed a digital-first approach to shooting; capturing 9:16 & 16:9 simultaneously, planning for a multitude of fit-for-platform assets built off the back of the core campaign”, says Katie Chandler, Growth Director, Everyday Banking.

Ubank’s Creative Director, Callam Hanks says: “Authenticity matters. Dozens of brands show up in the space spouting the same overdone cliches of gaming marketing. We wanted to completely own that a bank is about as uncool as it gets to most gamers, but with the energy and enthusiasm of someone’s grandad using VR for the first time”.

‘Great Savers, Bad Gamers’ is in-market now, running through to end of October.




– In-game media agency: Rifle

– Production and post-production: GlassFull

– Producer: Dani Martin

– Director/DP – Jake Ward

– Colourist: Alina Berminhgam

– Voiceover artist: Robbie McGregor, via RMK

– Sound mix: Mighty Sound

– Activation agency: Maverick



– Head of Growth: Sebastian Paulin

– Creative Director: Callam Hanks

– Growth Director, Everyday Banking: Katie Chandler

– Growth Director, Brand: Nic Lloyd