“Your voice is always heard, which is super empowering. When you want to bounce ideas around, everyone is open to listening.” - Helen Edwards, Manager of Business Improvement

Given that Helen’s role centres around creating improvements for the UBank business, this kind of listening is so important. And it’s why Helen’s just as passionate about creating change as she was when she started five years ago.

Helen leads a team of process specialists whose job is to spot inefficiencies within the company, come up with solutions and implement them.

“We’re a team of change-makers and innovators. We specialise in identifying and understanding business problems and then implementing solutions to address the root cause. In everything we do, our goal is to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers.”

Improving processes is one of Helen’s best skills and the work she does helps UBank run like a well-oiled machine. Changing the way a business operates can be tough, but Helen’s can-do attitude makes it possible.

One of the biggest projects Helen worked on was streamlining part of our home loan application process.

“We were receiving constant feedback from customers saying they’d prefer a single point of contact during their application – because they were having to talk to different people about the same things. This resulted in frustration at the slow, and sometimes repetitive process. My team worked out how to reduce these frustrations and implemented the new approach end to end – from process documentation to training development and delivery.”

As a result of this improvement, UBank has seen an uptick in customer satisfaction throughout the home loan process.

Something else Helen finds rewarding is working with a dynamic and enthusiastic team of experts who help run the day-to-day.

“We’re a very tight-knit, relaxed, friendly bunch. The team works really well on their own and together. Getting to know so many smart and interesting people is one of my favourite things about working at UBank.”

Helen also has lots of positive things to say about the TeamU culture, which includes getting to wear casual clothes to the office and rocking heaps of UBank merch, like tees and hoodies.

“UBank is a good mix of a bank that does serious stuff, while also having fun. Even just the freedom to wear what you want takes away from any stuffiness and it’s what makes UBank different.”

Being included on the Best Place to Work list was a proud moment for Helen. During her time at UBank, she’s seen many things change but there’s one thing that’s stayed the same.

“We’ve always maintained a really fantastic culture and it was great to see that recognised. Like every workplace, there’s room for improvement butI really believe in UBank and we’ve got an exciting future ahead.”

The shift from working in an office to working from home was a big change for Helen and her team. They found ways to adapt quickly which is another thing Helen’s proud of (as she should be!). Plus, the Zoom coffee catchups and virtual Zumba classes really helped keep the UBank spirit alive.

“The way we came together online was incredible and we responded so quickly. Even though we were physically further away, we actually became even closer. It was amazing.”

A few fun facts about Helen:

  1. Twins is a running theme in her family. She’s got twin sisters, cousins and aunties.
  2. She’s obsessed with the Fitness app on her iPhone and Apple Watch. Closing her move, exercise and stand rings each day is a non-negotiable.
  3. Helen’s one keen reader! Currently on her list is Atomic Habits which is about making good habits and breaking bad ones. She’s also just finished the award-winning Shuggie Bain, which follows the life of a Scottish working-class family in the 1980s.