“Everyone says their workplace is great and the culture is awesome, but I wish there was an easier way to show people that at UBank it genuinely is, both remotely and in the office.” - Georgia Squires, Customer Experience Lead.

With Georgia recently celebrating her fourth work anniversary, she's got the experience to back up just how good working at UBank can be.

One of the things she loves most is how collaborative and accessible everyone makes themselves, which comes from the top down.

"When we're in the office, the majority of our business is across two floors and you're exposed to every team and every role. If you need a hand getting anything sorted, whether it's for a customer or internally, it's always achievable."

Speaking of customers, that's where Georgia shines at UBank in her role as a Team Leader in our Interaction Hub, where she's been known to manage up to 15 people at any given time. Impressive much?

“My role at UBank is to lead one of our Interaction Hub teams, who manage all our customer enquiries across digital and inbound channels. I do their coaching, one-on-ones and ongoing training.”

If managing a large team sounds daunting, Georgia is the perfect person for the job as someone who focuses on the positives, even with the challenges of working remotely for the majority of 2020.

“One of my proudest achievements this year is how quickly my team adapted to COVID. They were so open to new ideas when it came to building engagement, staying connected and their own development. Watching them come together made me such a proud manager.”

With such a big team to lead, ironically it was remote working that enabled the entire team to bond via virtual trivia sessions.

"When you manage that many people, it's pretty much impossible to get everyone together at the same time. But during these virtual sessions, everyone could join. Kids and partners would pop their heads in and say hi - it was amazing to get everyone together as a whole team for the first time.”

With the warm and energetic way Georgia speaks about her team, the in-office and remote working environments and the TeamU culture, it's easy to see how one year at UBank turned into four.

"I was only 21 when I first started and if you told me then if I'd still be here four years later, I probably wouldn't have believed it! But there's a reason we've won a Best Place to Work award for the last two years. Because UBank really is an awesome place to come to work, every single day”.

A few fun facts about Georgia:

  1. Her fave app is a two-way tie between long-time love Instagram and lockdown saviour TikTok.

  2. Georgia set herself an amazing 2020 challenge to read 75 books in one year. Her current tally is at 68 (maybe more by the time this is published!) and she’s feeling like she’s going to “comfortably smash that target”.

  3. Georgia has swapped gym sessions for walks, so her podcast listening has increased. Her faves include Shameless and We Want to be Better, which she says is the perfect blend of “funny, entertaining and controversial”.

  4. We’ve all picked ISO-habits, and Georgia’s is cooking. While she’s got her sights set on being a culinary genius, “it’s in no way going perfectly, but at least the journey has begun”.