“We’re all really passionate about our customers and making sure we get the best outcomes for them.” — Curtis Cameron, Service Analyst

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that things can go wrong no matter how much you plan ahead — but it’s how you respond to those problems that makes all the difference.

That’s something Curtis Cameron has known for a while. He and his team are responsible for essentially keeping UBank “on”, for both customers and team members.

“If there’s an incident with the website, apps or our banking system, we’re the ones who get the call, day or night, and we need to work as fast as possible to get our systems back online,” Curtis explains.

“We're all about fixing things for customers, really.”

Curtis and his team aren’t just responsible for fixing customer issues, though. They also help other teams within UBank, patching issues with backend tech systems and making sure teams can do their jobs.

For the past year, Curtis has been working as a service analyst in the Service Delivery team. He had already spent time in the Customer Service team before responding to a secondment opportunity that led him to his current role. Since then, he’s had some big wins.

“I’m proud of how we’ve reduced time to resolution for customers – that is, how long it takes us to fix a customer’s issue. We’ve pretty much halved that over the last year.”

Fixing problems isn’t just reactive. Efficient problem-solving also means thinking ahead to make sure teams have the resources necessary for the future.

That was a big focus of his role in a mobile origination project, one that enabled customers to create a UBank account from their palm of their hand in under three minutes through our iOS and Android apps. Curtis was responsible for the project’s service management plan, ensuring it had ongoing support and that there were established processes for any issues after release.

It’s a different world from his earlier role, but Curtis says UBank is good at giving people chances to explore new areas. Regardless of role or team, Curtis says the unifying factor is a passion for their customers.

“It's not just a place to work. Everyone's on the same page and everyone's always focused on the same goal. We’re all really passionate about customers and making sure we get the best outcomes for them.”

While shared goals and people’s approachability are the biggest call-outs, Curtis says some of the perks don’t hurt either. His favourite is Wellness Week, which used to involve in-office visits from massage therapists and nutritionists, as well as yoga instructors and gym trainers. But, since COVID-19 restrictions, wellness moved online – with everyone sharing their WFH fitness challenges and results on a Workplace group.

This year, he’s really missed the buzz of the UBank office. “I’m keen to back in the office and see everyone again.” By the time you read this, there’s a good chance Curtis will be doing exactly that.

No matter where he is, you can rest assured he’ll be fixing problems – and pre-empting new ones.

A few fun facts about Curtis:

  1. A classically trained musician, music has been a part of Curtis’s life since he was a kid and he plays various brass instruments. He’s even worked in a Canadian recording studio, giving him a chance to explore everything from jazz to indie rock to hip hop. “Jazz is probably still my favourite, though.”

  2. His favourite app? “Three-way tie between reddit, Instagram and the NBA app.”

  3. Over the past few months, he and his girlfriend have been binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy. “How can one hospital have so much drama? It’s wild.” (Stick with it, Curtis, there’s only 2,000 more seasons to get through!)

  4. He spends a lot of downtime with his cat Sumi. “She’s very playful. We’re trying to take her on walks, which she’s enjoying.” (Pics, please.)