“At UBank, there’s a culture that says, ‘Let’s win together, and let’s have fun while we do it.’” – Tamara Abeska

According to her friends, Tamara is their “secret weapon” when it comes to escape rooms. For those already familiar with her work, it’s hardly a surprise — she’s spent four years at UBank as an imaginative problem-solver who loves a challenge.

Tamara is our Experience Designer, which means she designs UBank products to be as user-friendly as possible and works closely with our developers to bring them to life. Usability testing sees Tamara working with real people to get input on anything from a hand-drawn sketch to a functioning product.

Like all of us at UBank (and most people around the world), Tamara is currently working from home, so she’s focused on understanding that input from a socially acceptable distance. However, she was already familiar with less-than-traditional work arrangements. Due to a lengthy commute, it was a lot more productive for her to avoid peak transport hours, so she’d start at 8am and finish at 6pm, working a condensed week Monday-Thursday.

She says that one of UBank’s biggest differentiators is an emphasis on flexibility and a respect for life outside of work, a benefit that has made her life in and outside of work much better.

As an Experience Designer, her role demands an empathetic passion for combining visual design, testing and teamwork to deliver amazing user experiences. And it’s obvious that Tamara has this in spades when she talks about her favourite project, a redesign of UBank’s online home loan application.

“I was able to design a conversational interface,” she says. “The design process took over a year, but conversion numbers doubled a month after it launched. It was a huge benefit for customers and advisors.”

“At UBank we get feedback throughout the entire process to ensure we’re making the right product. It’s an important philosophy, especially now that people need and want easy-to-use digital options more than ever.”

Tamara Abeska.

When it comes to working at UBank, though, Tamara has a warning: “Once you start here, you may never leave. The culture really does feel like a family — sounds like a cliché but it’s true!”

She notes that UBank’s culture hasn’t skipped a beat despite the challenges of COVID-19. For Tamara, the experience has created a deeper meaning of community.

“There’s a strong culture of looking out for one another,” says Tamara. “But this experience has really shown the value of community more broadly and how working together can mean staying apart.”

A few fun facts about Tamara:

  1. Her favourite app right now is the Couch-to-5K running app. (“The only reason I have to get out of the house is to do my running training!”)
  2. She’s a big fan of true crime podcasts, especially Casefile.
  3. She’s always been into bingeing a TV series — especially right now. Her current favourite is Tiger King… whose isn’t?!
  4. Her sister works at UBank too, making the “family culture” pretty literal!