"Our culture is definitely what makes this place great,” Andre de Leon.

Meet Andre, our awesome Android Product Owner! As part of the Digital Banking team, Andre’s role is to understand what our customers need and want from their everyday banking and then help the team deliver these ideas. He works closely with designers, testers and developers to build solutions for the needs of the customers and, if you ask us, he does a pretty great job of it. 

Andre has been part of TeamU for over 5 years (with a tiny little break in the middle of this time!). He’s held a number of different roles, including looking after our core banking operations. Taking into account the range of opportunities available, Andre jumped at the chance to return to UBank when we were in the middle of a significant digital transformation. First, he started helping to create our home loan application tracker and then jumped in to relaunch our Android app – which is the project he’s most proud of from his UBank life.

This project was a long, but rewarding and exciting journey which gave him the opportunity to work with people across UBank, from marketing and technology development to our customer success teams. Now the new app has been launched and is being used by more and more customers each week, Andre takes the lead on interacting with customers across a number of different feedback channels. He continues to evolve his understanding of what our customers need and want – before then helping the team implement changes. 

While Andre was exploring life outside UBank, he worked at a few smaller technology companies and realised the true differentiator here at UBank. 

"Our culture is definitely what makes this place great. UBank isn’t a traditional bank and that’s one of the best things about working here. Everyone across the business is heading in the same direction and everyone knows what we’re trying to achieve as a team and what each of us needs to do to get there, so it’s an exciting team to be part of.”

Andre de Leon.

A few fun facts about Andre:

  1. He’s the captain of our social basketball team
  2. He couldn’t live without WhatsApp
  3. There’s no stopping him when it comes to adding chilli to everything he eats!