UBank continues to disrupt the Australian financial landscape.

The Australian online-only bank has taken a radical new direction as part of a complete rebranding, offering Australians just what they need from a bank, and nothing they don’t.

UBank unveiled its new brand identity – the biggest change to UBank since its inception in 2008. As part of the relaunch, UBank has revealed its new guiding principle ‘Just the Bank You Need’ to inform every aspect of the bank moving forward.

“It’s about asking the question – could you borrow less and live a happy, or even happier, life?”

UBank CEO Lee Hatton

“We want our customers to have a healthy relationship with their finances and that can come down to taking out a smaller mortgage, reducing credit card limits, or simply switching to a higher interest rate bank account,” said UBank CEO Lee Hatton.

By abiding by the ‘Just the Bank You Need’  principle, UBank believes it will allow them to better service customers by only offering them just what they need from a bank, and nothing they don’t.

The bank’s new ethos will challenge customers to take a look at the life they’re leading and question what they really need versus what they want – in effect, encouraging them to borrow less, have less debt and subsequently live more.

UBank understands customers are at the centre of everything it does, and spent significant time talking and listening to customers about what they need from a bank.

These conversations discovered that while customers valued the great rates and experiences on offer from UBank, many also didn’t feel clear on what the bank stood for. UBank saw this as an opportunity to take a new stand and truly differentiate the bank from the traditional Australian financial landscape and its competitors.

The rebrand represents a change of culture for UBank’s 200 employees who are all based in North Sydney; the manner in which staff are trained and recruited has changed, as will interactions with all customers.

For UBank, the hurdle of rebranding and retraining staff in bricks and mortar branches was never present, the entire Australian-based team, including the customer service call centre, has been on the journey of the re-brand from the beginning.

“Since 2008, our focus has been taking care of our customers and our community with knowledgeable, honest support and convenient, easy-to-use banking products.”

Lee Hatton

“We have 8 products to offer customers and we believe, that with 8 products, we have they core products customers need and nothing more,” said Hatton.

To coincide with the rebrand, UBank has commissioned its own TV documentary, ‘All I Need’. The show follows two Australian households as they re-evaluate their lifestyles, analysing how far they have stretched themselves financially by mistaking what they want with what they really need. A selection of experts from a number of fields are also on hand to help them change the way they view their finances and their outlook for the future when it comes to borrowing and spending.

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