Australia has the biggest houses in the world and the biggest mortgages to match as we chase the Aussie dream. But whose dream is it? And is it making us happy?

We’re working some of the longest hours in the world and giving a huge percentage of our salaries just to meet the repayments. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Andrew Daddo hosts a documentary in association with UBank that follows a typical Australian family and a couple of would-be home-owners and, with help from creative thinkers and experts, suggests ways to redefine the great Aussie dream before it gets out of control.

“Working on ‘All I Need’ was a revelation. As we try to cram more and more into our lives, wants vs. needs becomes an eternal struggle, followed by figuring out how to pay for it and where to put it. I can’t think of another TV experience that’s really challenged me to reassess the way I, and we, live.”

Andrew Daddo, Host of ‘All I Need’

The first household is the family home of the Winns, who have built a big new home because they wanted a pool. The build spiralled into a mansion with four lounge rooms, a bar, a butler’s kitchen and an ensuite for each bedroom. They admit they didn’t have feelings of joy or happiness as they moved into their new home.

The second household is home to two friends, Sonia and Lucie. They are currently renting, living a life of taxis, shopping and expensive nights out. Although they are thinking about getting into the housing market, they are struggling to save and de-clutter.

Andrew Daddo takes each household through a series of financial and organisational challenges, asking them to think about what they need versus what they want. The conclusions they come to may change the way they live forever.

The documentary’s Executive Producer, Paul Clarke, said “Home ownership is a staple of Australian life – but it has become an increasingly white-knuckled experience.”

“We gave our air teams some challenges to show them and viewers that the great Australian dream is a mindset based on out-dated values that we might need to let go of.”

Paul Clarke, ‘All I Need’ Documentary Executive Producer

‘All I Need’ was a part of UBank’s All I Need Project, an experiment to see if people can be happy with less instead of more.

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