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Info on original ubank products

This FAQ is related to an original ubank product that new customers can no longer access. Head to our help centre if you want info about our current ubank products.

How do I receive and return my UHomeLoan Contract Pack documents?

Your Contract Pack is a set of documents which will outline your Loan Offer, terms and conditions, and various other information you will need to know when signing up to a UHomeLoan.

The Contract Pack will be emailed via Digidocs, where you will need to input your SMS code to review and sign these documents. In some instances, such as where you wish to change your name on the title, your documents will be mailed to you via Express Post.

Once you’ve received your Contract Pack, all you have to do is read, sign where needed and either submit the documents online, or return the documents to us within 21 days in the self-addressed Express Post envelope enclosed in the Contract Pack.

The faster we get your contract documents back, the quicker we can move to settling your new loan. Rest assured, if any documentation is missing in the original pack, we will be in touch to let you know.