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What should I do If I don’t recognise a transaction made on my VISA Debit Card?

Before you dispute a transaction, there are some things you should check:

Are you looking at the difference between your Current Balance and Available Balance in Online Banking?

This transaction is still processing, so it’s too early to begin a dispute. Keep monitoring your account, until a description appears.

Did someone with a card of their own go shopping without you?

Check with any additional cardholder. They could have made the transaction.

Does the shop or merchant have unfamiliar details on your statement?

Sometimes it’s hard to recognise businesses from their banking information (it might be a business name or head office location, for example).
If you login via Internet Banking in your mobile browser or have UBank’s new iPhone App you can view more information about the merchant by tapping on the transaction.

Is this a store or merchant you’ve shopped with before?

The transaction might be a direct debit that they’re authorised to make. Have you double-checked the amount against all your receipts, just in case?

If you believe you’ve been charged incorrectly, and would like learn about the chargeback process, please click here.
If you think your card has been lost or stolen and/or your PIN has been compromised you must immediately notify UBank and provide any information about how the loss / incident occurred by calling 1300 822 630 or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas.

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