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How do I split my existing UHomeLoan to create new variable loans without increasing my lending limits?

Creating new loan splits means that you are creating new loan accounts without increasing the amount you have borrowed on your UHomeLoan. Some of our borrowers may opt to do this to assist in organising their banking and repayments.

If you are wishing to create new loan splits, simply print, complete, hand-sign, and return the Variable Home Loan – Repayment & Loan Split Changes Request Form to the email address noted on the form.

Our team will be in touch once the amendments have been made.

If you are currently in an existing fixed term and you are considering breaking this fix, please call us on 13 30 80 and we’ll be able to supply an early repayment cost quote and guide you through the process.

For borrowers who are looking to create a new loan account and increase lending, you’ll be able to do this by completing the Loan Increase & Interest Only form. When increasing your borrowing amount with ubank (whether that is on a fixed or variable structure) we will need to assess your current financial situation to ensure this product is suitable for you. A full credit assessment will be required.