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What is an “Account access” push notification?

“Account access” notifications mean that when you trust a new device or browser, you’ll receive a push notification about it on your device(s) you already trust (e.g., if you trust a browser on your personal computer, you’ll get an alert about it on all your trusted devices). The push notification will ask if the new login was you.

If it wasn’t you, select “No, remove login access” and follow the prompts to remove the device or browser from your trusted list for future logins. We’ll then ask you to call us urgently about this unknown device or browser. It’s important you call us immediately because the unknown device or browser might still be logged into your account.

These notifications help protect you from fraud and scams. Turn on push notifications for “Account access” in your ubank app. Simply:

  • Login to the app
  • Tap “Settings” then select “Push notifications”
  • Turn on “Push notifications” and “Account access”