Digital Wallet Terms

Effective 22 February 2024

Before you add your debit card to a digital wallet, you need to agree to these terms. This is a summary of the ubank General terms that apply to digital wallets – please see the full terms for more information on your account, debit card and other payment facilities.


Adding your card to a digital wallet

You can choose to add your debit card to a digital wallet and make purchases using the digital wallet instead of your physical debit card.

Digital wallets are not provided by ubank and we are not liable for the use, functionality or availability of a digital wallet.

We may, acting reasonably, change the digital wallets you can use with your debit card at any time (including adding or removing a digital wallet).


Using your digital wallet

You can use your digital wallet anywhere it is accepted, in Australia and overseas.

When you use your digital wallet, you’re telling us to take money out of your Spend or Bills account. It’s important you check the amount is correct before you complete the transaction, as you may not be able to get your money back once the transaction is complete.

We may, acting reasonably, impose limits on debit card transactions or cash withdrawals, either per transaction or in a given timeframe — see Fees and limits.


Protecting your money

You must protect your device to make sure that only you can take money out of your Spend or Bills account.

If you don’t protect your device, we may not give you back any money another person takes out of your Spend or Bills account without your permission.

If you have added your debit card to a digital wallet, anyone who can unlock the device on which that wallet is stored can make transactions. To protect your device:

  • use a passcode or biometric authentication method to access your device
  • ensure only your fingerprints or face are registered on the device
  • don’t choose a passcode that contains your date of birth or simple combinations like 1111 or 4321
  • keep the device and app passcodes secret and change them regularly to prevent any unauthorised access to your device

For additional security, we also recommend enabling or installing remote wipe functionality in case your device is lost or stolen.


Why can’t I use my digital wallet?

We may, acting reasonably, deny your request to take money out of your account using your digital wallet:

  • if your Spend or Bills account is locked or closed
  • if you do not have sufficient funds in your account
  • to protect you or us or any other person from potentially fraudulent activity or a scam, or other losses (but it may not be possible for us to detect and prevent all such transactions)
  • if you have added your debit card to a digital wallet and we are directed to do so by the digital wallet provider
  • to prevent an anticipated breach of the law of Australia or any other country, or to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities
  • if we deem it reasonably necessary to do so to manage a risk, including sanctions risk


Your information

We may exchange information about you with the digital wallet provider and the applicable card scheme to facilitate any purchase you initiate using a card registered in a digital wallet.

By registering your card in a digital wallet, you are providing consent for your information to be shared with these parties.

We may also share your information to make available to you in the digital wallet information about your card transactions, or to assist the digital wallet provider in improving the digital wallet. We are not responsible for any loss, injury or other harm you suffer in connection with the digital wallet provider’s use of your information (except to the extent any loss, injury or harm is caused by our fraud, negligence or misconduct or that of our employees, related entities or agents).

Ubank’s General Terms and Privacy policy contain further general information about our collection and handling of your information.

Digital wallet providers’ data collection and handling practices are in accordance with their privacy policy which can be found on their websites.