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Free2Spend with Stephanie Bendixsen


My Pay on a Plate with Stephanie Bendixsen

You’re probably familiar with the idea of ‘My Day on a Plate’ to track what you eat during the day. But what about tracking what you spend during a typical day?

Free2Spend is our game-changing in-app tool that considers your income, expenses and that all important savings goal and generates one number for you that you know you’re free to spend, every day.

To celebrate the launch of Free2Spend, we spent the day with Stephanie Bendixsen, Australian TV presenter, author and gaming guru to look at her daily spending habits, her ‘Pay on a Plate’, to see how Free2Spend helps track her spending throughout the day! Stephanie starts her day with $96…

7am: $96 (walking the dog = free exercise!)

To start my day, I usually take my dog Skadi, for a walk in the park. There’s a really pretty bush track near my house that I take her to.

9am: $79 (tea and an Uber)

I often grab something to go like a tea or a smoothie from a local cafe. Transport is a big thing for me around this time, I usually get Ubers, taxis or take the train. I always top up my Opal card from my phone, so before 11am hits I’ve often made a few transactions.

“Using Free2Spend is important because so much about using a debit or contactless card makes money seem really intangible. Having something to keep track of my spending is super beneficial.”

10am: $79 (spin class was already paid for!)

Before work I often go to spin class which I book online and have to top up my class pass. Then a train back to work, so a constant amount of little purchases coming out.

“One of my everyday purchases I couldn’t live without is Kombucha. It’s my favourite; I tried to kick the soft drink habit and now buy it every day.”

12pm: $62 (smoothie and a ham and cheese croissant for brunch!)

If I’m working from home I find it easier to work somewhere out of my house, so I’ll often head to cafe and work there. I’m usually working on movie reviews or content for work. This is where I’m building up my brunch purchases; I’m a huge brunch person.

“My spending habits have definitely changed since I was younger, particularly with online shopping and contactless pay. One of my first savings purchases was a winter blanket for my horse. It was quite expensive at the time at $100, but I remember being so proud that I saved up the money to be able to buy this horse a lovely new blanket.”

6pm: $18 (movie tickets and popcorn)

I go to the movies almost weekly. Entertainment and gaming is what I really base my life around. My friends and I will sometimes splash out on Gold Class, it’s really nice to experience seeing a movie with friends.

My biggest savings goal challenges are that I don’t really restrict myself too much on spending but now that I’m getting older I have larger savings goals like travelling or buying a house. It becomes about changing the habits that you’ve formed over time.

Midnight: $96 (reset for tomorrow)

It’s clear from Steph’s day that the little things add up! Getting around on transport and freelance working conditions, like working out of a cafe all come with unavoidable costs that do reduce her Free2Spend number throughout the day.

But, by using a tool like Free2Spend, Steph still gets to enjoy the things that matter most, like time with friends at the movies, all while knowing her savings fund for that first house or dream holiday is being taken care of.

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