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UBank - Just the bank you need


At UBank, there’s a couple of things we think about when we wake up every morning. How can we provide the best possible customer experience and how can we be just the bank you need? Nothing more, nothing less.

Two of our biggest aims are to be refreshingly honest with our customers and to do things differently. But what does this actually mean? How does UBank operate differently and what benefits do we get to pass onto you as a result?

We’re digital & innovative

First up, we’re an online bank with a digital home loan and banking offering*. Not only does this mean applying for a home loan or savings account is a swift and simple online process, it also means there are no overheads associated with physical branches. We get to pass the savings straight on to you in the form of great interest rates and no ongoing** fees.

We’re competitive

Our home loan rates are really competitive in the current landscape and we don’t hide anything. Hidden fees? Not our style. Ongoing account keeping fees? No thanks. In fact, if you check out our comparison rates you’ll see they match the variable rate across our Owner Occupier and Investor home loans, because like we said, we’re not into hiding anything, especially extra costs.

We love our people

Coming to work at UBank isn’t like coming to work at any other bank in Australia. We’re a small bank doing big things and we look for creative people who want to contribute, create and disrupt the norm.

Leading by example

This starts from the top down. We’re one team at UBank which means everyone, from our Leadership Team to our Team Leaders and Advisors, is 100% accessible and transparent.

“What makes UBank awesome? The people, the culture and the emphasis the company has on making UBank the best place to work! We’re a bank with the mentality of a start-up and we’re always looking to innovate and lead the way.” – Luis da Silva, Agile Delivery Manager

Our people love helping you

Customer service is our bread and butter and our team of Customer Service Advisors all work out of our Sydney office to provide 100% local support across social media, LiveChat, Secure Mail as well as the phone, if you ever need to have a more in-depth chat. Providing the best possible customer experience is at the heart of everything all our teams do at UBank, so we’re constantly listening to our Advisors and customers to better understand how we can improve based on what our customers actually need and want.

Less is more, happiness is everything

We don’t want people to be stressed and worried over money and do what we can to help people live a happier life. That’s why with UBank, there’s no unnecessary extras. Sure, we offer a smaller product range of home loans and banking products than other financial institutions in Australia, but plain and simple, we have everything you need for an easy-to-use banking experience, and nothing you don’t.

What could be simpler, better and smarter than that?

* Dependent on the state you live in as some states will require paper signing on parts of the home loan application document.

** For our USpend transaction account – ATM operators and stores might charge their own fees when you use an ATM or pay using a VISA debit card.

For our USave savings account – A subset of customers may need to pay withholding tax on your earnings. Please see the Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts for more information.

For our home loan products – A $395 rate lock fee applies to lock in an advertised rate for fixed rate home loans. This fee is waived for fixed rate loans that settle on or between 10 July 2020 and 30 September 2022. Break costs can also apply to fixed rate loans. Government charges and fees also apply to our home loan products (including stamp duty, registration fees etc). More on fees and charges on our home loan products.

For our SMSF accounts – If you are a trustee of a self-managed super fund, talk to your auditor about the fees that they may charge you. UBank charges auditors a fee for audit related information requests made online.