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ubank Open banking API documentation

This page contains documentation of available Open banking APIs based on Open banking data standards described here. This information is only for customers with original ubank products including USave and USpend accounts, Term Deposits, Self-Managed Super Funds or UHomeLoans.

GET Customer

Retrieve personal information on an authorised ubank customer.

The Customer API provides information for a ubank customer for the type of customer – Individual or Organisation. For the Individual customer the API provides the name, occupation code and the last time the data was updated.

Get Customer
Retrieve basic information for an authorised ubank customer.

GET Accounts

Retrieve a list of accounts owned by an authorised customer.

The Accounts API provides the list of relevant accounts for an authorised ubank customer. For each of the account it provides important data set including amongst others – Account Id, Creation Date, Display Name, Nickname, open or closed status, ownership status, product category and product name.

Get Accounts
Retrieve basic information for an authorised ubank customer.

GET Account balances

Retrieve a list of accounts owned by an authorised customer.

Access ubank account balances for a single specified account or a bulk balance for multiple, filtered accounts. This API supports three methods as shared below.

Get Account Balance
Obtain the balance for a single specified account, by using a GET method.

Get Bulk Balance
Obtain balances for multiple, filtered accounts, by using a GET method. The filters supported by this endpoint are: Product-category, Open/Closed status and ownership status (filters accounts based on whether they are owned by the authorised customer).

Get Balances for specific accounts
Obtain balances for a specified list of accounts, by using a POST method.

GET Transactions and Transaction details

These APIs are used to retrieve a list of transactions for a specific ubank account, as well as transaction details for a specific transaction, for which additional details are available.

Get Transactions for account

Obtain a list of transactions for an account. The response also specifies the transaction Ids that have additional details so that the subsequent transaction details API could be called for those transactions.

Get Transaction Details
Obtain detailed information on a transaction for a specific account.

Discovery APIs – GET Outages and GET Status

Retrieve scheduled outages and health check status for Open banking APIs.

Get Outages
Obtain a list of scheduled outages for the ubank open banking.

Get Status
Obtain a health check status for the implementation.