“I used to be a wedding planner and now I work in UBank’s Home Loan Hub managing an entire team. From day one, UBank has opened up so many opportunities for me.” - Suman Veran Mutu, Lead of Fulfilment and Servicing.

With six years under his belt and a knack for building genuine connections, it’s no wonder Suman has risen through the ranks at UBank.

Suman started as a call centre advisor in our Interaction Hub in 2015, before moving into the land of home loans four years later. Some of the key skills he learnt, like relationship building and solving customer pain points, were easily transferred to his new role.

“Even though I’ve switched teams, I still get to use the same skills I learnt working in the call centre back in the day. When customers need a property valuation or are finalising their home loans, I’m here to chat them through it.”

Suman quickly became an expert at his new role, and with the support of UBank was promoted to lead in no time. Even though it was the first time he’d been tasked with leading a team, Suman was up for the challenge of developing new skills as a leader and was excited by the chance to have a positive impact on others.

“After I became manager of the team, I noticed something shift in me. With the help of everyone at UBank I felt more confident to step up and take the lead. Plus, helping upskill my teammates and watching them grow has been super rewarding.”

The move opened up a world of opportunities for Suman, as one year later he played a key role in bringing together the Fulfilment team with those in Servicing. This change has helped UBank run smoother and sped up processes for both customers and the wider team. Connecting the two departments is one of the biggest tasks he took on and is also the project Suman’s most proud of.

“Bringing the two teams together challenged me, but it’s been amazing to see an improvement in the way we work and the difference this has made to the customer experience we provide.”

With Fulfilment and Servicing now working as one, customers can settle their loans or make changes (like switching to a fixed interest rate) with the same team. Plus, working together means our home loan gurus can now easily communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.

“There’s so many skills and heaps of knowledge in the team, so when it comes to anything home loan related, we’ve got it covered.”

Something else Suman loves about UBank is that the leadership team foster a ‘speak-up culture’ where new ideas and constructive feedback are encouraged.

“Everyone is equal and there’s no sense of hierarchy - it’s very special and unique. When I first started working here it surprised me how open the team is to doing things differently. We’re often asked to share opinions about where improvements can be made, and it’s what helps us become even better.”

Suman also enjoys planning staff events with the UBank Social Committee. And with a background in wedding planning, he really is the master of pulling together a fab party.

“I love being part of the Social Committee. Before COVID, we had so much fun planning monthly events to bring everyone together. One of the highlights is our haunted house at Halloween. This was definitely something I missed when we all started working from home. Now things are getting back to normal, we’re starting to plan fun events again, to bring people back together in person, which is really exciting!”

While managing events might be tough for some, Suman loves that it keeps him connected with everyone in TeamU. Coming together regularly is part of our epic office culture and what makes working at UBank “just so great”.

A few fun facts about Suman:

  1. He’s attended over 200 weddings and some of his events have even landed in the pages of Cosmo.
  2. The one app he can’t live without is WhatsApp which connects him with friends and family all over the world.
  3. He’s currently reading Velvet Rage which is about the issues faced by modern gay men.