“Our culture is awesome. It never feels hierarchal. People are just cool.” — Adi Rony, Senior Advisor

UBank’s Interaction Hub is our frontline for all customer enquiries, offering a bunch of different channels for our people to support customers, both existing and prospective. With COVID-19 and social distancing upending day-to-day interactions, we’ve seen a massive shift toward digital channels and have been upskilling advisors to assist all the users newly sliding into our DMs.

And boy are we glad Adi Rony has been here* to help during this transition!

An advisor with nine years of UBank experience behind him, Adi is an expert in customer service, especially the kind that happens digitally. This includes UBank’s social media responses, online messaging and LiveChat assistance — all of which have seen big upticks over the past few months.

Others in TeamU have especially high praise for his social media wizardry. “He really understands the UBank tone of voice in a way that’s awesome to have on social media, and he isn’t afraid of some playful banter or a well-placed meme,” says Katie Hudson, Senior Consultant in Employee Success.

For Adi, he’s been happy to lend UBank his skills because of two big benefits: culture and flexibility.

“Our culture is awesome,” he says. “I can wear board shorts to work and still have a chat with our leadership team. It never feels hierarchal. People are just cool.”

Collaboration and innovation are a big part of that culture, too. Adi says one of his favourite UBank memories was getting to work with people from other teams on a Shark Tank-esque group exercise, part of our Ignite Innovation Week late last year.

“Flexibility is also up there on the priority list for me because I have, like, a million children.” (Note: technically he has five children, but we’re guessing that it might as well be a million when home schooling in lockdown.) “I’ve changed my hours so many times and UBank has always been accommodating.”

Working from home with kids can be challenging, but Adi notes some advantages, like less office background noise when he’s on the phone. He also expects this period to change broader work norms in positive ways.

“I think we’re all going to be more understanding about each other’s home lives and managing households alongside work – we’re all definitely more sympathetic to the professor from that infamous BBC interview. We’ve been sharing stories with each other about some of the new distractions we’ve encountered like small kids taking over home offices or pets making surprise appearances in team Zoom calls.”

In the meantime, despite the occasional adorable distraction, Adi’s keeping our Interaction Hub humming and supporting customers every day in every channel.

A few fun facts about Adi:

  1. His favourite app is Instagram, where he posts lots of stories about his kids, declaring, “I’m one of those parents.”
  2. He’s an avid sewer — and a member of 10 sewing groups on Facebook — which he took up to support his side hustle, a budding streetwear brand.
  3. Lately he’s been streaming Rick and Morty and Next in Fashion (he really is serious about that streetwear fashion!).
  4. Iso has helped him “rediscover” his Nintendo Wii, so he’s been playing lots of Super Mario with the kids.
  5. His brother also works at UBank, a sort of family tradition for some of us.

*Figuratively speaking.