UBank has released Home Truths, a new campaign that launches with a provocative film aimed to encourage Australians to think differently about the kind of property they want to buy and the life they want to live.

Bronnie Ware, a former Palliative Carer and author of Five Regrets of the Dying, said the advice shared in the film resonated with her after years of caring for the terminally ill.

“I’ve never had someone nearing the end of life tell me they wished they’d had a bigger home. It’s always about spending more time with friends and family, and being bold enough to follow your dreams.”

Bronnie Ware, former Palliative Carer


As part of this project, UBank, The Monkeys and Pulse Communications worked with Palliative Care Australia to seek advice and help find the six people featured in the film – sharing the perspective of a group in our community not often voiced in mainstream media. 

“When UBank approached us with this concept we immediately liked it because the project gives a voice to the people we advocate for day in and day out – and that’s not an opportunity they often receive,” said Liz Callaghan, CEO of Palliative Care Australia. “We hope it inspires Australians to make changes for the better.”

The film, ‘Real Estate Tips from the Terminally Ill’, created by The Monkeys, sees UBank ask six terminally ill patients to share their thoughts on what’s truly most valuable in life, with the aim to encourage all Australians to make positive changes and to define their own ‘Australian Dream’. 

The theme of the film is centred on finances and how a bigger mortgage can often lead to more stress, not a better life.

Australians have some of the biggest houses in the world and the largest mortgages to match. We also work some of the longest hours and pay a huge percentage of our salaries just to meet the repayments. 

UBank’s ambition is for Australians to question if this is the life they want to be living. They strive to have more customers with smaller home loans that comfortably fit their lifestyle, rather than fewer customers who are overstretched trying to pay off a huge loan.


“Life is short and it’s really good to reflect and think about what’s really important. Our belief is that by borrowing less, you can have a bigger life.”

UBank CMO Jo Kelly


UBank commissioned research that uncovered more than half of Australian mortgage holders (58%) are putting work over family due to financial strain. This pressure also impacts on the amount of time people can spend in their homes with almost two in three (64%), wishing they could spend more time in their home.

The project kicked off with PR, led by Pulse Communications, with an appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise by Bronnie Ware, a former palliative carer and author of Five Regrets of the Dying, who spoke on why this video resonated so well with her. 

The Monkeys co-founder and ECD, Scott Nowell, says: “This film calls on the unique clarity and wisdom of people living with terminal illness to encourage us to rethink what’s really important in our lives.”


“It’s confronting but valuable to ask yourself what the ‘Australian Dream’ actually costs in terms of stress and, most importantly, time with your friends and family.”

The Monkeys co-founder, Scott Nowell


The Home Truths campaign was planned and bought by Bohemia. The film ‘Real Estate Tips from the Terminally Ill’ is set to air across TV and social and is supported by digital banner ads and behind-the- scenes videos explaining why the interviewees got involved.

The film can be viewed at

Campaign Credits: 

Client: UBank
Agency: The Monkeys
Executive Creative Director: Scott Nowell 
Creative Lead: Scott Dettrick
Senior Art Director: Scott Dettrick
Senior Writer: Andrew Fraser
Interviewer: Mike Hill
Director: Mike Hill
Director of Photography: Tristan Milani
Senior Producer: Penny Brown
Production House Producer: Jo Johnston
Production Manager: Jo Messina
PR: Pulse Communications Media: Bohemia