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  • Tap to Pay with your Android phone

    Turn your phone into a Visa Debit card for contactless transactions so you can make purchases without opening your wallet.

    Tap & Pay with your compatible device and our Android banking app.

    Tap & Pay with Mobile Payment by UBank
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To get started, download or update the UBank App

Here’s what you need to set up Tap & Pay on your Android device


You need a USpend transaction account with a UBank Visa Debit Card.


Download the latest version of the UBank App for Android.


Connect to the internet with a mobile running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above with built-in NFC.

Why use Tap & Pay?

Why use Tap & Pay?

Paying with your phone is fast and easy

To make a payment, simply place the back of your phone on the card reader. Once your transaction is complete, look at the card reader to confirm payment.

For payments of $100 or more, you may need to enter your UBank Visa Debit card PIN.

3 different ways to pay

Mobile Payment home screen

From the home screen

Simply wake your phone up to its lock screen.

Tap and pay with your mobile

From inside any app

Just tap your phone against the reader. Once the transaction is complete you’ll be returned to the app you were in.

How to pay within the UBank App

From the UBank App

Click on the UBank Pay button at the bottom of the app. If you’ve selected the Passcode to Pay option, you’ll need to enter your passcode.

How secure are payments?

Using your phone to pay for purchases is just as secure as your card and you’re protected by UBank Defence fraud protection.

UBank Defence is our security promise that you’re protected by leading and innovative security measures to fight fraud. Plus, you can set your Tap & Pay security options to make it more secure than using a card.

Simply set your Tap & Pay settings so that your Tap & Pay passcode is needed to unlock contactless payments.