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What is Visa Secure?

To increase your protection from potential fraud, Visa has recently enhanced their security for online purchases, making the experience seamless and simpler.

Together with participating retailers, Visa Secure provides you with an additional layer of validation at the time of purchase that helps protect against unauthorised use of ubank Visa debit cards. There’s no cost to you for this added security.

Protection is provided to you for an online purchase transaction (purchase from a desktop or digital device) and you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. For reassurance, look out for the Visa Secure logo displayed on participating retailer websites with online shopping options.

You can still shop online with non-participating retailers using your ubank debit card, however, your purchase will proceed without the extra layer of security offered by Visa Secure program.

For more information visit Visa’s website. If you require further assistance visit http://www.ubank.com.au/contact-us and get in touch with any “Visa Secure” questions.

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