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Info on original ubank products

This FAQ is related to an original ubank product that new customers can no longer access. Head to our help centre if you want info about our current ubank products.

How many ubank accounts can I open or hold?

The number of accounts and balance limit per account are detailed in the table below.

Product Maximum number of account Maximum combined balance
USave 10 $5 Million
USaver Reach* 1 $5,000
USpend 1 Single Account and 1 Joint Account $1 Million
USaver SMSF* 10 $5 Million
Term Deposit** No Limit $2 Million per account
Term Deposit SMSF** No Limit $2 Million per account

* You can no longer open a USaver Reach or a USaver SMSF account.

** You can no longer open a Term Deposit or a SMSF Term Deposit.

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