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Digital wallet on your smart devices such as FitBit and Garmin.


Digital wallet 101: get started today

We’re living in a digital world and we’re all digital boys and girls. One of the biggest trends, which is swiftly becoming part of our daily lives, is the digital wallet.

What is a digital wallet?

This handy tool can be found on the smartest of smart devices and will make your life a whole lot more convenient.

Picture this: you go to pay for your morning coffee, open up your wallet and there’s endless cards to sift through. Your ID, Medicare card, bank cards, transport cards and loyalty cards you haven’t used in months. Does this sound familiar? It can be an irritating and stressful situation trying to find the right card, especially when you have a line of cranky non-caffeinated people waiting impatiently behind you.

When you start using a digital wallet, you can avoid situations like this because you don’t even need a physical wallet anymore.

A digital wallet stores your bank card details in your device and uses the same contactless tech (like payWave) you’re probably already using anyway. Even better, most digital wallets can also store things like Medicare details and your favourite loyalty cards, so you can continue getting the rewards and points you love – or start getting them if those cards were being neglected in your overstuffed wallet.

How do I set one up?

It’s really simple. Depending on your device, it’s likely your digital wallet ends with the word ‘Pay’ (Apple Pay for e.g.) and can be found in your app store. There, you can either manually input your bank card details, or use an in-app camera to scan them into your wallet – and don’t worry, they are of course incredibly secure.

What we love about digital wallets is they contribute to the UBank philosophy of financial minimalism. Financial minimalism is about gaining financial freedom – moving your life away from anxiety, stress or fear when it comes to money and embracing your ability to spend and save. And we think it’s so helpful to be able to store so many handy details on your device, allowing you to live your best on-the-go life.

If you’re using a FitBit or Garmin you don’t even need to hold anything, and you’re completely hands-free for all of your favourite activities. Whether you love a morning run, indulging in an evening on the dancefloor, or anything in between – all you need is your smart device and your trusty digital wallet will pay the way.

Apple Pay (for iOS) and Google Pay (for Android devices) even let you do in-app purchasing. You can speedily snap up your next set of concert tickets, order UberEats, shop online, or book your next AirBnB without the pesky hassle of filling out your credit card details – and it becomes so much easier for you to concentrate on enjoying those moments and experiences that matter most.

Great news: if you’ve got a USpend transaction account, your UBank card can be used with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, FitBit Pay and Garmin Pay.

Want to make life a little more simple? Our UBank USpend account can help get you there.


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