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Here’s a few passive income ideas to get you started


Creative ways to make passive income

We all dream of working less and earning more, right? But is it a dream that could ever become reality? It’s very possible when you start to look into alternative income streams.

First up, what does passive income mean?

One way of describing passive income is when you earn extra money without necessarily doing any extra work. Some passive income streams are high effort and potentially high risk, while others are safer and easier to do. When considering what’s right for you, choose one that works best for your skillset and your pocket.

What are some examples of passive income?

Here’s a few passive income ideas to get you started:

  • Creating a digital product
  • Dropshipping ← we hadn’t heard of it either, but it’s a real thing. Keep reading!
  • Affiliate marketing and display ads
  • An investment property

Earn digital dollary-doos

In a digital world, there’s so many new ways to earn cash. And if you work online, passive income could be an easy option.

You could use your skills to create digital products, like kids colouring pages, spreadsheets, online courses and even e-books. The products could be for the masses or a niche audience, so the possibilities are endless!

Also, if you design great prints, awesome tees or anything else that’s produced by a third party, then you could consider a dropshipping business. Basically, you design the product but only produce the item once it’s purchased. It prevents waste and also means your only investment risk is a website… and not a whole bunch of stock you can’t sell.

Make the most of your website

Do you have a blog or website? Affiliate marketing could be for you. It’s when you recommend a product and get a kickback if someone buys it based on your recommendation. And while you’re there, putting display ads on your website is another great way you could earn passive income.

Where could you put that passive income? Straight into a high-interest savings account like our USave account

Property investing and short-term rentals

An investment property could be a great way to make passive income in Australia… but of course, it’s a big financial commitment and could be risky. You can find out if you’re ready to apply for a home loan, here. You also need to weigh up all the ongoing costs of being a landlord if you’re considering passive income investments. If you already own a property, you could offer homestays or short-term leases for when you’re travelling.

These are just a few passive income strategies you could consider. Keep your eye on digital trends and always be sure to pop your passive income into a high-interest savings account to keep that money growing.


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