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How to tackle a food budget


How to tackle a food budget

Food plays a huge role in our lives. And sometimes the cost can creep up on us. To help you avoid a panic moment at the checkout, we’ve come up with 7 top tips to help you take control of your next shop.

Devil’s in the details

Organising meals for the week might not be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. But planning ahead could save you money at the shops and even save on food wastage at home – it’s a win, win.

Pro tip: For some fun foodie inspiration and to help with getting you prepared, why not follow your favourite chefs and restaurants on Instagram.

Veggie Collective

Pack your string bags, rally the troops and enjoy farm fresh produce for less. When it comes to fruit and veg, heading to your local market could be a great way to save on your weekly fresh food needs.

Pro tip: Where there’s a food market, there’s usually samples. Taste test the fruit and veg before you buy - yes please.

Less is more

Do your recipes usually come with a list of never-ending ingredients? Why not try a five-ingredient recipe instead. They’re usually quick, easy, and you won’t have to compromise on flavour to save money. If it’s good enough for Jamie Oliver…

Bake don’t buy

Buying that $4.00 breakfast muffin might be super convenient and, let’s be honest, delicious, but what if you could have a whole batch of (equally delicious) muffins for the same amount? Not a baker? No worries. Pop a packet mix in the trolley for easy-to-make baked goods you can enjoy throughout your week.

Pro tip: Whipping up some freezer-friendly recipes can be another great way to make sure you’ll always have a snack on the go. Just reheat during the day and enjoy.

Avoid the hungry (or hangry) shop

Ever had to do a food shop after a long day at work or while running errands over the weekend? A.K.A. the hangry shop. Even the best made food budgets could fall apart if hunger takes over. Rather than letting your meal-prep for the week turn to snack-city in your green bag, having a quick pre-shop bite could help keep your spending on track.

Did someone say “sale”?

Everyone loves a bargain. But shopping the sales doesn’t just have to be fashion related. Supermarkets have sales all the time. This can be a great way to snap up a deal or buy in bulk and get more for less.

Pro tip: While a sale can be a good reason to buy in bulk, make sure you have somewhere to store those items to help eliminate food and financial waste.

Dine with me

We all love a dinner party, but not the cost of hosting one. Why not tag team with your friends and family and alternate cooking nights between you? You’ll get to socialise, and you won’t have to cook every night of the week – bonus! You could even kick it old school and have a potluck dinner, that way no one has to do all the cooking and you can try a bunch of delicious dishes in one night.

Having a food-centric budget in place could be a great way to save on those regular expenses. And once you’ve mastered the food version, you could try stepping up your savings game by creating a budget for all your finances.

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