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    Faces of UBank: Lisa

    UBank team 08-07-2016

    “When I was in my late teens I moved out of home and had to learn pretty quickly how to be financially disciplined. I created a budget and have been sticking to it. In the beginning it was really tough but I’ve been able to learn the difference between my wants and needs.

    I also meditate and focus on my own personal happiness too. Needs and wants don’t just have to revolve around material possessions. When I hear my friends complain about wanting what they don’t have, I wish they took just a moment to realise how lucky they are to have their health and happiness.

    My boyfriend and I are saving for a deposit to buy a house before our next birthday. It’s rewarding to see what financial foundations and positive thinking can do to turn a goal into a reality.”

    Faces of UBank: Phil

    UBank team 27-05-2016

    “I am a proud home owner and UBank customer. I refinanced my home loan to take advantage of the low rate offered here at UBank. It was a no-brainer for me as it means I can pay off my loan faster and get closer to reaching my financial goals, without having to do much at all.

    I’m all about making small tweaks to my finances to make my money work for me, including the obvious but less exciting investments like superannuation. I make an effort to spend less and I think I’m just as content as those who have more stuff.

    When assessing my wants versus my needs it’s like a little devil and angel appear on each shoulder. But really, it’s amazing just how little you need to make you happy.” 


    Sonia and Lucy, All I Need TV Show 14-03-2016

    Sonia and Lucy take a look at what they’re spending their money on each month, and the results are a little shocking.

    Are people who own lots of stuff any happier than people who don't?

    Interview: Psychologist Jacqui Manning 27-01-2016

    Studies show that owning more stuff doesn’t actually make us any happier.

    Psychologist, Jacqui Manning, explains how owning more stuff can make us more anxious, more irritable and that we tend to spend valuable time and energy worrying about it.

    Jacqui stresses there’s nothing wrong with buying things, but it’s a mistake to think they will bring us happiness.

    Could you get a better house by being more organised?

    Jo-Anne Carmichael, Expert Organiser 27-01-2016

    Many of us are hoarders, but we don’t know it.

    Jo-Anne Carmichael, a Professional Organiser, shares insightful tips as she talks us through the process of de-cluttering.

    After removing their clutter, many of Jo-Anne’s clients find themselves liking their home for the first time in many years.

    Stuff: why hang onto it?

    Jo-Anne Carmichael, Expert Organiser 27-01-2016

    Decluttering can be a liberating experience, but the process can often be challenging.

    Jo-Anne Carmichael, a Professional Organiser, shares simple strategies for making the process a more joyful one.